Lens Suppliers

At Helen Summers Optometrist in Parap, we use lenses from quality suppliers such as Nikon and Essilor. To deliver the highest quality vision services, we offer a wide variety of lens types. We also provide a range of treatments to deal with glare, fogging and enhanced light from digital screens.
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Lens Types

The use of digital devices such as tablets, smartphones and computers regularly puts strain on our eyes. Relying on both our near and intermediate vision means more adjustment than our eyes previously had to provide. The E-Life series of lenses have been designed with these conditions in mind.
SEE Series
Premium ophthalmic lenses created with sophisticated Nikon technology, the See Series is custom-made with double side aspheric design.
Single Vision Lenses
Single vision lenses are the same strength throughout and are used to correct vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.
Progressive Lenses
Progressive lenses can correct presbyopia, offering vision correction for near and distance-related vision issues.
Specialised Progressive Lenses
Extended focus lenses are designed to help the wearer see near to room distance more often, providing smooth and effortless vision.
E-Life Series — Helen Summers Optometrist-Eyecare Plus Darwin in Parap, NT

Coatings & Designs

Nikon Lenses:
  • Seecoat Plus
  • Seecoat Blue
Essilor Lenses:
  • Crizal anti-reflective lens treatment
  • Xperio tinted lenses
SeeCoat UV — Helen Summers Optometrist-Eyecare Plus Darwin in Parap, NT


Helen Summers Optometrists provide assessments for a range of eye conditions. Those who suffer from reading difficulties, light sensitivity, ocular migraines and visual stress may find some relief with tinting and coloured overlays.

For further information on Colourimetry, refer to our fact sheet.



Digital Eye Strain

Australia is one of the most mobile-centric countries in the world, with Australians spending at least ten hours a day in front of digital screens. Undeniably, the world is significantly changing due to the rapid advances in technology, affecting how we shop, socialise, learn, and communicate. However, our eyes are not accustomed to staring at millions of glowing pixels, bright screens, and tiny small fonts for long periods of time and as a result, digital eye strain (DES) occurs.

Digital eye strain arises when there is an overuse of digital devices. It can take up to only two hours in front of a digital screen for you to suffer from digital eye strain. The symptoms commonly associated with DES are tired eyes, dry eyes, red eyes, blurred vision, headaches and neck and shoulder pain.

These symptoms are linked proportionally to the number of hours spent in front of digital screens and also on the amount of harmful blue light that is being emitted. Blue light is a colour in the visible light spectrum that can be seen by the human eye. Digital devices emit this blue light and over time, can cause serious long term damage to your eyes. Reducing the amount exposure to blue light will also help with the discomfort of digital eye strain.

Here are some stats to prove how much of a digital nation we are:
  • 81% of Australians own a smart phone
  • 96% of 18-34 year olds own a smart phone
  • 69% often multi-task while using a smart phone or tablet
Eye strain — Helen Summers Optometrist-Eyecare Plus Darwin in Parap, NT

Eyezen: Lenses for a connected life

Australians spend at least 10 hours a day in front of their digital devices. Have you ever thought about what the screens of our digital devices are doing to our eyes?

Digital devices are back lit and emit blue-violet light that our eyes are not made to be over exposed to. Over exposure to this blue light can cause discomfort and long term effects to our eyes. Essilor�s solution to DES is Eyezen Lenses.

Eyezen is a new range of lenses designed for a connected life. The lenses are the most technologically advanced lenses designed for how you view your digital screens.

Eyezen lenses help relax the eyes, giving you better focus whilst also features a coating that filters out harmful blue light and enhances the contrast without changing the colour of the screen, giving you clearer vision.

Eyezen lenses are available to everyone, whether you have prescription glasses or not.
Eye strain — Helen Summers Optometrist-Eyecare Plus Darwin in Parap, NT