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Led by Helen Summers, our team works with passion, care, integrity, collaboration and respect to deliver vision services that are paramount in improving the quality of vision and making a difference in the lives of others. Through comprehensive clinical eye examinations, visual field assessments and retinal imaging, we can assess your eye health. We then provide you with ongoing support to manage any eye conditions you may have; and carry a wide range of spectacle frames for men, women and children.

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Our Vision

  • To use our expertise and passion to enhance the quality of vision and to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • To embrace technology and continually educate ourselves so that we can provide the best care available.
  • To strive towards the goals of Vision 2020 of reducing preventable blindness by providing vision care for Indigenous Australians living in remote areas.


We now offer Afterpay

For your convenience we now offer Afterpay in store. Afterpay is a safe and simple payment option that allows you to pay for your purchase in four equal payments. Providing you with affordable payment alternatives so you can get your glasses now, and pay for them later! For more information on Afterpay Terms and Conditions or to set up an account, please refer to their website Afterpay.

Our practice is open and we are here to help with any essential vision care & eye health matters.

As our patient, you continue to be our number one priority.

To make our practice even SAFER, we have elevated the hygienic standards of our practice to meet current health department directions by implementing the following:

  • Frequent hand washing and offering of hand sanitiser to each patient
  • Limiting the number of people in consultation room
  • Committed to social distancing where appropriate
  • Wiping down of benches, chairs, instruments and frames displays after every visit
Remember to stay at home if you/or a family member is showing any of the following symptoms similar to the flu, including fever, cough, sore throat, tiredness or shortness of breath.

We are committed to helping our community, and those that are most vulnerable, to remain healthy throughout this challenging time. If you have any needs or concerns, please call us on 8995 9595 to speak with one of our helpful team.

Keep Safe & Stay Healthy,
Helen Summers Optometrist

After only 2 hours in front of screens, many of us start to experience digital eye strain. Digital eye strain can be described as dry eyes, tired eyes, blurred vision, headaches and neck and back pain caused by spending too much time in front of digital devices.
Smaller fonts and blurry images force our eyes to strain in order to focus which causes headaches and blurred vision. When we are using our digital devices we tend to blink less and this causes dry and irritated eyes. To help combat DES you can take these necessary steps towards healthier eyes.
1. Remember to blink often (this may sound silly, but it is very common for you to blink less)
2. Take breaks from staring at your digital screen
3. Use the 20-20-20 rule. For every 20 minutes you are in front of your digital device, take a 20 second break to look at objects 20 feet away (Approx. 7 metres).
4. Adjust the display settings of your device
5. Wear glasses specially designed for digital device use